A successful curriculum needs to be founded on basic premises about the world we live in. The following reflect the foundations of the curriculum at Renew School:

• Recognising that we live in a world created, ordered and sustained by God.
• Understanding that God is the centre of the education process which gives students a complete understanding of the world in which they live.
• Education helps us to learn about, interpret and live in the world.

The curriculum aims to help students respond to God and seek their place in His world, serving Him by maximising the skills and abilities He has given them, whilst covering all aspects of the NZ Curriculum.

Renew School is unashamedly Christian. Biblical principles permeate all curriculum areas, and subjects are taught from a Christian perspective. Scripture memory is an integral part of students learning.

Primary (Years 1-8)

The Primary School lays the foundations for success later in the school. An advantage of the Christian School is that student’s progress from Year 1 to Year 13 in the same school so staff are clearly able to monitor academic progress.

The focus for New Entrants is to establish good foundations in basic learning skills, with a real emphasis on learning to read. The Learning to Read programme has a phonetic approach which establishes good work habits for the future.

As students move through the Primary School they learn using a variety of curricula, always with a Christian emphasis. Some of the features of the Primary School include:

• Low student to teacher ratios.
• Staff committed to see students learn to their potential.
• Learning support provided for less and more able learners.
• High Achievement Levels.
• Major emphasis on Numeracy and Literacy.
• Specialist Science, Technology, Music, Drama and Visual Arts teaching.
• Specialist Health and Physical Education Programme.
• Sports Programme.
• Swimming in heated pools during Terms 1 and 4.
• Outdoor Education (Camp) Programme.
• Te Reo and Tikana Maori taught.
• Second Language options from Year 7.

Secondary School (Years 9-13)

Success in the Secondary School builds on the academic success achieved in Primary School.

The secondary school follows the National Curriculum Statements, but from a Christian perspective. Students are able to develop their God-given giftings and are well prepared for NCEA assessments. Subjects offered are in keeping with obtaining a sound all round education and give students intending to study at tertiary level the subjects needed as pre-requisites for their courses. The core subjects are taught by experienced teachers. Some subjects may be entered through The Correspondence School which are monitored by teacher aides and a lead teacher. Students enter NZQA Achievement Standards to provide for a good balance of internally and externally assessed credits. Some of the features of the Secondary School include:

• Vertical Form Classes where students are in form classes from year 9-13. This encourages relationships between peer groups and a family atmosphere
• Many students gain above the national average number of credits in NCEA Levels 1, 2 and 3. A number of these are getting endorsements at Merit and Excellence level.
• A number of students have attempted and succeeded well in Scholarship examinations.
• English, Maths and Sciences curriculum areas have been a real strength, though the current focus is to extend these.
• The successful Gateway and STAR programmes enable students to explore different work environments, encouraging them to follow the path God has gifted them for.
• The school has made use of Trades Academy courses for key students to explore different work environments, encouraging them to follow the path God has gifted them for.

Integrated School (Year 1-13) Whangarei Northland NZ