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In many ways it will be ‘business as usual’ under L2, with a few changes to help us all continue to minimise the threat posed by Covid19.

So, starting from today 12 August all our children are still expected to be present at school, unless they are unwell. If children are unwell, then caregivers need to inform the school (as you normally would).

Classes will be as normal so teachers will not be working with remote learning whilst we are at Level 2.

We have been informed by the Ministry of Education that schools can be safely exempted from social distancing rules, that we can gather in groups of more than 100 at school, and that we can use and share sports equipment: these all help with ‘business as usual’.

However, we are still required to record all visitors to the school, so we ask caregivers to stay out of school buildings, when you drop children off/pick them up: We do have a COVID App Tracer for your phones in the office and on the outside door.

  • If caregivers need to talk to the office or teachers, please sign in at the Office and office staff will direct you
  • If caregivers need to pick up children early, please call the office to arrange this: the child(ren) can be brought out to you waiting outside
  • Children who arrive before 8:30am will need to stay outside, until the classroom is opened by their teacher or the 8:50 bell rings.

Please encourage our children to wash or sanitize their hands frequently. At school all children will be cleaning hands frequently, and before eating and after going to the toilet. Surfaces and toilets areas will be cleaned regularly.

Although we are exempted from the distancing rules at school, we will not be playing any close contact sports in Level 2.

Also not to hug, kiss, or breathe over other children and or adults at school during L2.

We, like you, are hoping that all going well, Level 2 will only operate for a few days but need to be prepared for all eventualities.

Keep calm, don’t panic and above all BE NICE TO EACH OTHER


Rodney Lloyd, Principal

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