Child Protection Policy

Motto: Know God, Grow Character, Achieve Potential, Make a Difference

Renew School Child Protection Policy (CPP) Kaupapahere Whakamaru Tamariki – May 2020

Outcome statement:

Students at this school thrive, belong and achieve to the best of their ability. The school is committed to the prevention of child abuse and neglect and to the protection of all children.


All staff members (including contractors and volunteers) are expected to be familiar with this policy, its associated procedures and protocols and abide by them.

Advice will be sought through appropriate agencies in all cases of suspected or alleged abuse.

In line with Section 15 of the Oranga Tamariki Act 1989, any person in our school/kura who believes that any child or young person has been or is likely to be harmed (whether physically, emotionally or sexually), ill-treated, abused, neglected or deprived must follow school procedures and may also report the matter to a social worker or the local Police.


Although ultimate accountability sits with the Board, the Board delegates responsibility to the Principal to ensure that all child safety procedures are implemented and available to all staff, contractors, volunteers and parents.

Expectations and limitations

The Principal must:

  • develop appropriate procedures to meet child safety requirements as required and appropriate to the school
  • comply with relevant legislative requirements and responsibilities
  • make this policy available on the school’s internet site or available on request
  • ensure that every contract or funding arrangement that the school enters into requires the adoption of child protection policies where required
  • ensure the interests and protection of the child are paramount in all circumstances
  • recognise the rights of family/whānau to participate in the decision making about their children
  • ensure that all staff are able to identify the signs and symptoms of potential abuse and neglect and deal with disclosures by children and allegations against staff members and are able to take appropriate action in response
  • support all staff to work in accordance with this policy to work with partner agencies and organisations to ensure child protection procedures are understood and implemented
  • promote a culture where staff feel confident they can constructively challenge poor practice or raise issues of concern without fear of reprisal
  • consult, discuss and share relevant information with the board or designated person in line with our commitment to confidentiality and information-sharing protocols in a timely way regarding any concerns about an individual child
  • seek advice as necessary from NZSTA advisers on employment matters and other relevant agencies where child safety issues arise
  • make available professional development, resources and/or advice to ensure all staff can carry out their roles in terms of this policy
  • ensure that this policy forms part of the initial staff induction programme for each staff member.

May 2020

Procedures/supporting documentation

Identification and reporting of child abuse and neglect

  • Four categories of abuse (emotional, physical, sexual and neglect)
  • How to respond to suspected abuse or neglect
  • How to respond to disclosures made by a child
  • Recording a disclosure
  • Reporting suspected child abuse and neglect

Confidentiality, information sharing and recording

Safety checking – safety checklist

Staff capability and professional development

Safe at work practices

  • Physical contact with children
  • Working one on one with children
  • Transporting children
  • Overnight stays/camps
  • Social media and technology (internet protection, photo storage)
  • Parent help
  • Visitors on site
  • External contractors
  • Before and after-school programmes
  • Billeting
  • Socialising with children
  • Gifts and rewards
  • Intimate care – toileting
  • Application of medication and sunscreen
    Managing challenging behaviour and physical restraint policy

Allegations against staff Monitoring

Monitoring and reporting procedures: The Principal will inform the Board of any complaint about behaviour of Staff concerning students. Steps taken to resolve the matter and any further actions, including Board involvement, will be documented and outcomes shared with the Board.

Legislative compliance

Children’s Act 2014

Oranga Tamariki Ministry for Children – further information and sample child protection templates