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Motto: Know God, Grow Character, Achieve Potential, Make a Difference

Renew School is an integrated Christian School for students from Years 1-13. We are committed to meeting the spiritual, academic, social and physical needs of all students, with a view to having a positive impact on future generations. There are two particular areas where the Christian School is significantly different.

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The enrolment process for Renew School

There are two ways you can apply to enrol your child(ren) at Renew School:

a. You can contact the school and let your interest be known. The Application for enrolment form, preferential enrolment form and Prospectus are available on the school website. The forms can be filled in, saved and emailed to office@renew.school.nz

b. Alternatively, you can print off the relevant forms available here, fill them in and either send/hand the hardcopy in to us or scan and email them in.

First steps:

The following are the steps we would suggest you follow prior to sending in the Enrolment Forms:
  1. Peruse the website including the Prospectus in order to understand the Christian Special Character of our school. This will give a more detailed picture of life at Renew School.
  2. If you would like to make a time to come in and have a look at the school, please ring to make an appointment so you can meet with the Associate Principal in charge of the academic area your children would be in. This will give you an opportunity to ask questions while seeing the school in action. (We understand that if you are currently living elsewhere, this may not be possible.)
  3. Attend Parent Orientation – dates for these are published in school newsletters.

Filling in the enrolment forms:

  • You will need to complete one Enrolment Form for each child you would like to enrol. These should be returned to the school.
  • Fill in your name on the Preference Enrolment (if applicable) and hand to your pastor/minister to complete. Preference Enrolments must agree with the Belief Statement of Christian Renewal Trust.
  • Please ensure all sections are completed otherwise it will delay the enrolment process.
  • Make sure you include the necessary documentation required in the application form- proof of identity and most recent report if transferring from another school.

All the relevant application forms (marked with an asterisk) can be downloaded from the Forms page.

Email forms to: office@renew.school.nz or post completed forms to:
Registration Secretary Renew School, PO Box 11086 Whangarei 0143.

Preference Enrolment

Preference Enrolment as defined in our Integration Agreement is where parents have established a particular or general philosophical or religious connection with our school. The Proprietor’s Trustees have the right to determine from time to time the Christian beliefs, vision, values and lifestyle that make up the Special Character of the school. The school’s Board of Trustees is not able to grant a preference enrolment status to parents of any child unless the Proprietor agrees that these parents have established the necessary degree of connection.

Families who want to be considered as Preference Enrolments need to get the pastor of their church to fill in the Preference Enrolment Form.

Non-Preference Enrolment

A limited number of places are available to students who do not meet the above preference criteria. The school may accept up to 5% of the roll as non-preference enrolments.

After filling in the enrolment forms

When all necessary forms have been received, they will be checked by the Senior Leadership Team and representatives of the Proprietor, Christian Renewal Trust. Please note that it is the parents’ responsibility to furnish documentation. The school may contact the parent where further documentation is required. Renew School may contact the contributing school to request clarification of information received.

An interview will be arranged with suitable applicants, both parents if possible, the Principal, and representatives from the Proprietor and Board of Trustees. All parents will be notified by the Principal of the outcome of their application.

Please note that completion of Enrolment Forms does not constitute acceptance into school. There may be waiting lists according to Preference/Non-Preference rolls, High School/Junior School rolls and class sizes.