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Current Vacancies

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Renew School is looking for a follower of Jesus with specialised training and proven experience in mental and well-being support of school-aged children. The ideal candidate believes in the Biblical concept of a family and has a vision for seeing families thrive.

Primary Objectives

  • To maintain a commitment to support the purpose and Special Character of Renew School
  • To work in close liaison with the Principal / Associate Principals on all matters relating to student mental-wellbeing.
  • Be willing to make use of opportunities for professional learning and development as they arise.
  • To notify the Principal/Associate Principal as the need for resources arises.
  • To communicate with the Principal any difficulties as they arise.
  • Liaise with other teaching staff where there is the necessity to use shared resources.
  • To work collaboratively with all staff in their guidance and teaching roles to create conditions in which students can meet their potential.
  • To network within and outside the school to ensure that individuals are assisted to find appropriate information and help for themselves.
  • To help to establish a safe and inclusive climate in the school, free of intolerance, harassment and bullying.
  • To act as an agent for positive change within the school community.

Key Tasks
1. Counselling

  • To offer counselling opportunities to students, staff and families/whānau as required.
  • To establish and maintain healthy relationships with the students providing support, comfort and guidance.
  • To maintain privacy and confidentiality of the students and staff at Renew School.
  • To foster conditions in which a student can grow and develop as a person.
  • To provide a safe environment.
  • To accept self-referrals from students, staff and families/whānau.
  • To accept appropriate referrals from staff, families/whānau and outside agencies.
  • When appropriate, meet with students and their families/whānau.
  • To provide specialist advice to the school’s crisis intervention team, as required.
  • To facilitate group counselling sessions (e.g. grief, abuse survivors, anger management, smoking cessation, etc.).
  • To keep appropriate records of counselling work, ensuring they are kept securely and confidentially.

2. Programme Work

  • Co-ordinate and/or assist with the preparation, delivery and evaluation of guidance-related programmes to meet the various needs of staff, students and families/whānau.

3. Administration

  • Provide an annual report, including a statistical analysis of guidance counsellor activities, to the Board of Trustees.
  • Contribute to development of policies and practices in relation to guidance activities.

4. Liaison

  • When appropriate, act as student advocate, e.g. at Board of Trustees Discipline Committee meetings, Family Group Conferences.
  • Be available to assist the principal with the appointment of Guidance Network Staff.
  • Be involved in liaising with the community.

5. Professional Development

  • Engage in ongoing professional development, including attending relevant training workshops and conferences.

Closing date and time: Please submit your cover letter and CV to the principal, Barend Blom (, as soon as possible. This position will be filled as soon as a suitable candidate has been found.

Sport Coordinator

Renew School is looking for a follower of Jesus who has proven skills in administration and working with people and who also happens to enjoy sport. The sport coordinator is someone who doesn’t necessarily have expertise in a specific sport  but rather have strengths in organisation.

This part-time position commences at start of Term 2, 2022 (2 May 2022).

Hours of Work: 12.5h/week (specific times to be negotiated)

Remuneration: Falling under Grade 3 of the Support Staff in Schools Collective Agreement (or as negotiated with the principal)

Functional relationships with:
• HOD Health and Physical Education
• Sports Coaches
• Community Sports Organizations
• Parents and wider school community
• Sponsors

The sport and physical recreation programme aims include:
• Student self-development
• Enhancing the profile of sport and physical recreation at the school, within the school and the community
• Increasing participation in sport and physical recreation
• Increasing the quality of student participation in sport and physical recreation
• Assisting students in gaining enjoyment from sport and physical recreation
• Delivering sport and physical recreation safely to students
• Catering for the different needs and capabilities of all students

The primary objectives of the position: To provide leadership for the school’s sport and physical recreation programme in the following area of responsibility:

1. Administration
2. Communication
3. Participation
4. Professional support and training
5. Resource management
6. Community involvement
7. Promotion

The position requires:
• The appointee to lead, manage and enhance the school’s sport and physical recreation programme through assisting and consulting the head of Department of Health and Physical Education
• A high level of skills of a variety of sets, detailed knowledge of sports education and young people and proven experience in sports administration
• Close relationships and strategic alliances with a variety of community personnel and groups including; staff, students, parents, coaches, regional sports organizations

Closing date and time: Please submit your cover letter and CV to the principal, Barend Blom (, as soon as possible. This position will be filled as soon as a suitable candidate has been found.


Renew School is looking for a follower of Jesus who is self-motivated, has proven skills in property maintenance, and has the ability to problem-solve property maintenance issues to a high standard. The successful candidate will work closely with both the school and our proprietor, Renew Church NZ.

This part-time position commences at the start of Term 2, 2022 (2 May 2022).

Hours of Work: 15h/week (specific hours/times to be negotiated)

Remuneration: Grade 1 Caretaker under the School Caretakers’, Cleaners’ and Canteen Staff Collective Agreement

Functional relationships with:
• Principal (or delegated person)
• Senior Pastor of Renew Church NZ (or delegated person)

The purposes of the role are:

  • To maintain the standard and functionality of the facilities at Renew School so as to comply with the standards of health and safety normally associated with an integrated area school.
  • To complete all caretaking duties according to the schedule below, and as determined from time to time by the Principal.
  • To ensure the school facilities are always safe and secure.
Key Responsibilities  Tasks and Duties 
Rubbish and recycling  Arrange for timely disposal of all refuse and recyclable materials from Renew church and school 
Buildings  Perform or arrange for general maintenance and repair of exterior and internal fixtures as required, including toilets and kitchen areas. Check roofs and spouting for loose sheets, plant growth. Arrange for cleaning of exterior of buildings and interior for carpets/floor coverings annually.  
Maintain School grounds  Ongoing maintenance of school’s grounds, including lawns, gardens, equipment and caretaker’s garage storage. Liaise with volunteers who help maintain gardens. 
School vehicles  Responsible for maintenance, cleaning, fueling up, registration and WOF checks. 
Security  Regularly check all window and door locks are working properly and arrange for repairs. Check boundary fencing and arrange for repairs. Be available for call out from ARC Security to reset alarms when activated. 
Contractors on site  Liaise with all contractors who may be working on site and ensure they have a satisfactory health and safety plan. 
School cleaners  Liaise with the school cleaners about supplies and works being carried out inside the buildings. 
Health and wellbeing  Ensuring the safety and wellbeing of Staff, students and visitors at all times. Comply with all Board policies and relevant Health and Safety legislation.  
Additional requests  Carry out other related duties or urgent repairs as required from time to time by the Principal 

Closing date and time: Please submit your cover letter and CV to the principal, Barend Blom (, as soon as possible. This position will be filled as soon as a suitable candidate has been found.

Updated: 14 April 2022

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