Dress Code / Uniform Info

Motto: Know God, Grow Character, Achieve Potential, Make a Difference

The goal of the Christian School is to teach subjects from the NZ curriculum while encouraging the development of Christian character along with a passion for Jesus. This means a real focus on encouraging Christ-like attitudes and behaviour.

The expectation of the Christian School is that this is what parents and students are setting as high priorities in schooling, especially in the Secondary area. We have clear standards and boundaries for all students and we ask parents to support us by ensuring students are dressed properly before they leave the house in the morning.


Thermals or a short-sleeved T-shirt or similar undergarment may be worn underneath the school uniform but must not be visible.

Hair and Personal Appearance

Students' hair must be clean and tidy at all times, and the purpose of a hairstyle must not be to draw attention to oneself. We prefer that hair is not dyed, but if it is, natural colours only. Students with long hair may be asked to tie their hair back if long hair may cause a health and safety risk, e.g. during PE class or a science experiment.

We prefer that boys do not grow facial hair but rather aim to be cleanly shaven.

  • Make-up is not necessary at school, but if worn must have a natural look.
  • Students are not to wear any jewellery to school, please. This includes necklaces, armbands and any earrings, except for female students who may wear a single stud or sleeper in each ear (please check with your child's classroom teacher whether a stud or sleeper is appropriate if you are not sure).
  • If a student, for example, has received a taonga from whānau, an exception may be made after discussion with the principal.
  • Tattoos are not encouraged. If a student does have a visible tattoo, the parents and the students need to meet with the principal to discuss if it is needed to cover the tattoo.

Dress Code


At Renew School we have a mix-and-match school uniform, which every student is required to wear for all school activities, including the sports uniform for PE. Students who attend Renew School are expected to wear their uniform correctly at all times – whilst at school, travelling to and from school; and when representing the school. School Uniform is to be purchased through Bethell’s Whangarei. (The Strand Shop 14/Vine St.)


  • Shorts: Black with logo
  • Trousers: Black with logo
  • Polo Shirt: Grey with logo
  • Socks: Black
  • Shoes/Sandals: Black


  • Shorts/Skorts: Black with logo. (Skorts primary only)
  • Trousers: Black with logo
  • Skirt: Black with logo
  • Polo Shirt: Grey with logo
  • Socks: Black ankle sock
  • Shoes/Sandals: Black
  • Skirt is to be just above or at knee length.
  • Skirts/pants should not be tight-fitting.
  • Black socks with shoes or sandals or black stockings/tights with shoes.


  • Sweatshirt: Grey with logo or Red with logo (Red for primary only)
  • Jacket: Black or Grey with logo. Two choices – rain jacket (all students), senior lined jacket (secondary only)

Years 11-13

  • Year 11-13 students also have a shirt and tie option. A dress blazer is also available.

School sun hat with logo (compulsory at Primary level): All students are encouraged to wear a hat when outside but it must be removed when in class. There is also a school cap and a school beany hat for winter. Polo shirts may be worn out when worn with shorts but must be tucked in when wearing the sweatshirt.



Boys Girls
ShoesPlain black lace-up low-heeled shoe. There is to be no other colour on the shoe - if in doubt, please contact the office. No high tops or boots.Plain black lace-up or single buckle or strap, low-heeled shoe. There is to be no other colour on the shoe - if in doubt, please contact the office. No high tops or boots.
SandalsPlain black sandals, worn with a back strap. These must not be worn with socks or with trousers.Plain black low-heeled sandals, worn with a back strap.
SocksWith shorts, black socks must be worn with shoes. Students who do not wish to wear closed shoes have an alternative in sandals.Black socks or natural stockings only. Worn with shoes only.

Dress code for education outdoors/camps and for swimming

Clothing and footwear must be appropriate for the outdoor activity taking place. General guidelines are as follow:

  • T-shirt with short or long sleeves
  • Shorts and leggings' length need to be mid-thigh
  • Girls' swimsuit: One piece
  • Boys' swimsuit: Swim shorts
  • Rash shirts and hats are highly recommended to protect students from sunburn