Motto: Know God, Grow Character, Achieve Potential, Make a Difference

The goal of the Christian School is to teach academic disciplines through curriculum while encouraging the development of Christian character along with a passion for Jesus. This means a real focus on encouraging Christ-like attitudes and behaviour.

The expectation of the Christian School is that this is what parents and students are setting as high priorities in schooling, especially in the Secondary area. Where students are not willing to submit themselves to teaching of this nature they need to recognise that there are other educational establishments they could attend. These comments mean there is are implications for standards and boundaries in the lives of students.


Head over to our dress code page to understand what we expect.

Inter-Pupil Relationships

The objective of Renew School is to create an environment where all students can build and enjoy relationships with each other. The older you become, however, the more complex these relationships can become. It is important that students are protected from undue peer pressure and expectations regarding relationships with the opposite sex.

Renew School as a co-educational institution provides a healthy environment in which boys and girls can learn how to respect each other, and form lasting and meaningful friendship. As students they should feel free to relate to each other, and care for each other regardless of their gender.

With this in mind the School has a very definite policy on this issue:

  • Conversation of a sexually explicit nature, or racially or gender insensitive is forbidden. This includes sexual innuendoes, jokes, and language.
  • Showing of physical affection to members of the opposite sex is not acceptable, unless members of the same family.
  • Physical contact is limited to curriculum activities and then only under the supervision of a member of Staff.
  • There is to be no pairing off between students of opposite sex unless under teacher supervision for curriculum activities.
  • The Christian School does not support the forming of “romantic” boyfriend and girlfriend relationships either at school or socially.
  • Older students must respect and care for the younger students at the college who do not need to be involved in the level of conversation normally associated with older students.
  • Mentoring of younger students by older students is encouraged through the Vertical Form system.