Motto: Know God, Grow Character, Achieve Potential, Make a Difference

The family is still has the most significant influence in the lives of children. This shapes attitudes, which are demonstrated in behaviour. Deuteronomy 6:4-9 teaches that it is the parents’ role to teach. Parents are ultimately responsible for their children, they simply allow the school to assist in the role of training children, through teaching in the Christian School environment.

One of the distinctives of the Christian School is our commitment to work with parents in helping them to educate, train and prepare their children for the future. This commitment is demonstrated through a close working relationship with parents in every area of the student’s development. The Christian School is here to assist parents, particularly in the area of education and development of academic success, which includes the gaining of qualifications.

Teaching and training children to do well academically is a partnership between the home and school. Obviously this means there will some expectations we have for the school environment which will impact upon learning.

Practical Keys

We would ask you to consider the following as being practical keys which will positively build into the lives of your children:

  • Have family devotions, including Bible reading and prayer, each day. This will help lay strong foundations in children’s lives.
  • Teach and expect good manners, respect and obedience from your children.
  • Pray regularly for the staff, students and the school
  • Co-operate with staff in matters of behaviour management
  • Stand against criticism of school staff and policy by their child, and use it as an opportunity to contact those involved to check out the accusations made
  • Ensure children have tasks where they can help around home. Expect them to complete these according to your time frame not theirs.
  • Have times where you read to/with your younger children. If possible make this a daily occurrence. Reading will help in academic success.
  • Establish boundaries and limits in your home – especially for TV/internet/music/friends.
  • Follow through with any work, assignments, or slips to be signed
  • Ensure that your children are punctual, and provide a written explanation of absences
  • Train your children to respect the property of others.


Communication in regard to any areas about school life is crucial, for the school and your children. Please let us know about anything that we need to know which can impact your child’s academic success. Please keep us updated on any change of address or e-mail contact.

We would also ask that you are diligent in reading newsletters, attending parent meetings and interviews, and checking the school website/facebook page regularly.